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Best of SA 2013: 4/24/2013
Beaches Be Trippin\': Five Texas Coast Spots Worth the Drive

Beaches Be Trippin': Five Texas Coast Spots Worth the Drive

Arts & Culture: Let’s face it, most of us Lone Stars view the Texas coast as a poor man’s Waikiki. Hell, maybe just a poor man’s Panama Beach — only to be used... By Callie Enlow 7/10/2013
A Small Slice of San Anto’s Spooky Haunts

A Small Slice of San Anto’s Spooky Haunts

Arts & Culture: San Antonio is one of the oldest cities in the United States, and its history stretches long before the people behind the American or Texas Revolutions... By Mark Reagan 10/15/2014
Chris Pérez, Selena’s Husband, Faces His Past and Looks Forward, Musically

Chris Pérez, Selena’s Husband, Faces His Past and Looks Forward, Musically

Music: Chris Pérez never saw it coming. “All I ever wanted to do was play guitar,” he told the Current. “I never thought I’d be the subject of an interview... By Enrique Lopetegui 8/28/2013
Chris Perez, husband of slain Tejana icon Selena, tells of romance, suffering

Chris Perez, husband of slain Tejana icon Selena, tells of romance, suffering

Arts & Culture: In one of the final chapters of his book To Selena, With Love (out March 6), Selena's widower Chris Perez mentions that Abraham Quintanilla, his former father-in-law, once... By Enrique Lopetegui 3/7/2012

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Jun 26, 2013

  • Joss Whedon Updates ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

    Screens: Is it an attempt to force some culture onto the Comic-Con nerds? William Shakespeare did, after all, invent the notion of meeting-cute. And who.... By Enrique Lopetegui

  • Minnie’s Tavern Offers ‘Tres Bon’ French Brasserie Fare

    Food & Drink: Andrew Weissman achieved national acclaim with Le Rêve, and the shock of its closing in 2009 after an 11-year run is, I am told, still rattling some.... By Scott Andrews

  • Day Trips 2013: Five Ways to Get Outta Here

    The Summer Issue: 1. Krause Springs and Hamilton Pool: Krause Springs. Krause Springs (Spicewood)... . By Rose Minutaglio

  • Summer Movie Preview 2013

    The Summer Issue: Summer is a grim reminder of San Antonio’s arbitrary — and unfair — status as a “secondary market:” some of these films won’t open here on their official.... By Enrique Lopetegui

  • Seven Key Summer Concerts You Can’t Miss

    The Summer Issue: Seven key summer events you can’t miss, depending on your level of coolness. June 29 // BARRY MANILOW.... By Enrique Lopetegui

  • Beat the Heat with Cooling Ayurvedic Foods

    The Summer Issue: If you are anything like me, having grown up in the hellish conditions of summers in South Texas, you are probably thinking something along the lines of “the weather this summer has been great!” But I was recently reminded that summer didn’t actually begin . By Marc A. Smith

  • 4 Aguas Frescas Recipes to Make You Forget the Heat

    The Summer Issue: Unbearable heat, droughts, and suffocating humidity — yes, San Antonio summer is finally upon us. This time, why drag yourself out and fight the mosquitos for.... By Darian Mendez

  • Summer Chlorination

    The Summer Issue: On the list of ways to cool off in SA (below “air conditioning,” above “ice bath”) is hitting the pool. Lucky for you, San Anto boasts several free or dirt-cheap.... By Rachel Bowes

  • Review of the Revamped Luther’s Cafe

    The Pride Issue: Luther’s Café has been around since 1949. I came upon it much later, thank you very much, when it was still the kind of greasy burger joint where you.... By Ron Bechtol

  • Drag's New Dawn in SA

    The Pride Issue: At first, it’s the bone structure that tips me off. Then, the thick, full lips. But ultimately, it’s the way he walks with unmistakable precision through.... By Jade Esteban Estrada

  • San Antonio's Glacial Progress on LGBT Rights

    The Pride Issue: One by one, activists, family members, and allies of LGBT San Antonians stood before their councilmembers, demanding the gay community be treated as more.... By Mary Tuma

  • Lively ‘Funeral’ for Bite Lip Bleed

    Music: I had been hearing a lot about Bite Lip Bleed, and I caught a glimpse of them at last year’s Lennon Lives tribute at Boneshakers — I was hooked.... By Enrique Lopetegui

  • Rising Band Dirty River Boys Burst the El Paso Bubble

    Music: Science of Flight — the 2012 sophomore release from El Paso-bred, Austin-based quartet the Dirty River Boys — is constructed from just about every type.... By Jeremy Martin

  • Rassle up some LGBT fun at SA Country Saloon

    Food & Drink: SA Country Saloon can be summed up by its most striking feature: a boot-shaped disco ball, which spins on a floor alternately used for line dancing and.... By Callie Enlow

  • Artpace International Artist-in-Residence Series 2: Holy Worship Clubs

    Arts & Culture: A group of devout followers of God has founded the Holy Dust Worship Club in the community. With a strong and lucid mission, they visited each and every.... By Pak Sheung Chuen

  • A Story and a Study of Queer Realities

    The Pride Issue: Lester Briggs has just finished a five-year prison sentence for stealing, of all things, a church, and travels to Rockport, Tex., to find the love.... By Scott Andrews

  • Can SA’s “Gay Dollar” Make Policy Impact?

    The Pride Issue: Money talks, but does it make a sound if no one is listening? San Antonio LGBT consumers pack enough buying power to bankroll the entire city budget for a.... By Jeffrey Wright

  • New Kids on the Dais

    News: With the drama of campaigning and pomp of swearing-in ceremonies over, San Antonio’s newest City Council members officially took their seats last week. We get down to.... By Mary Tuma

  • Texas House Approves Anti-Abortion Bill Despite Hundreds of Protestors

    News: “Are you against science?” asked Rep. Lon Burnam (D-Forth Worth), encapsulating Sunday evening’s Texas House debate over a bill that would eviscerate.... By Mary Tuma

  • Out, Loud and Proud

    Arts & Culture: By Photographs and fashion styling by Bryan Rindfuss

  • Secrets and Irises’ Debut EP ‘Seasons’ Packs Plenty of Change

    Music: As Joshua Barrera — the current bassist and former lead singer for Secrets and Irises — attests, change has defined the band’s existence. Formed four years.... By Brian Palmer

  • Happy Hour Hound: Atomar

    Food & Drink: I arrived around 5 p.m. — plenty of time to have a couple of drinks, explore the snacks menu, and split before the 6 p.m. deadline. At 5:15, the sky opened up.... By Ron Bechtol

  • Local Food Truck makes U.S. Top 10 Lists

    Food & Drink: I used to think gluten-free foods were like fat-free cheese: why would you eat something that’s had its very essence removed? But for those who suffer from.... By Lauren W. Madrid

  • Southtown Farmers and Ranchers Market opens at Blue Star

    Food & Drink: The landscape changed two weeks ago when the Southtown Farmers and Ranchers Market debuted at Blue Star Arts Complex. With scads of chef-driven restaurants about.... By Scott Andrews

  • ¡Ask a Mexican!

    ASK A MEXICAN: Dear Mexican: I'm a U.S.-born Mexican that grew up part of my life in Tijuana. Why do Mexican-Americans from Santa Ana and South Gate always think they're harder.... By Gustavo Arellano

  • Free Will Astrology

    Astrology: ARIES (March 21-April 19): “To know when to stop is of the same importance as to know when to begin,” said the painter Paul Klee. Take that to heart, Aries! You.... By Rob Brezsny

  • Blue Star’s Kopriva Retrospective Questions Catholicism

    Arts & Culture: Influenced by two millennia of Catholic guilt and the ancient mummies of Peru, Houston artist Sharon Kopriva’s ghastly figures — wretched priests.... By Dan R. Goddard